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Send The Star an item for publication in the next edition.

Submissions are VERY welcome for just about anything that is of interest to the Winchelsea region. Community standards apply in terms of subject matter, language used, privacy and of course the law.

We prefer submissions via email - preferably in the body of the email but if necessary as an attached document. Common formats such as Word Document and PDF are accepted.

Your formatting will be lost other than the paragraphs, so please don't go to any trouble choosing fonts, colours, sizes etc. as they won't be used.

Alternatively, you can post to PO Box 5, Winchelsea or drop off hard-copies of submissions at the IGA in Winchelsea town centre. Note that this requires a volunteer to type it out for you, which takes time and adds to workloads.

PLEASE NOTE: all items submitted for publication are included or rejected at the Editor-of-the-day's discretion. Items may be edited to fit available space, or split across more than 1 edition if deemed appropriate. Let the Editor know if you have particular concerns or requirements.

Deadline for submissions is 5pm Friday

Submissions are assumed to be for the subsequent edition (ie. the following Monday) unless otherwise noted. Late submissions are likely to be held over to a following edition.

Exceptions are made for weekend sports and events results/reports - 6pm Sunday deadline for these (4pm if leaving hard-copy at the IGA).

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