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The Winchelsea Star welcomes advertising submissions from any organisation or individual, subject to editorial approval and the normal legal and moral restrictions/standards. Community and non-profit events and information bulletins are published at no charge, but regular/ongoing adverts may incur a charge.

Note that normally adverts can be printed in colour only on the inside-front and inside-back pages, all other locations are black and white. Please contact The Star's Advertising Manager to discuss your particular requirements though, in particular for the larger sized ads, as we are open to negotiation and on occasion run additional special colour sections.

All subscribers receiving The Winchelsea Star by email receive a full-colour publication, so it is worth submitting a colour ad even if it will be printed in black-and-white - but please check that your ad will look OK in colour and black-and-white, sometimes the latter makes an ad harder to read.


See the Winchelsea Star Media Kit (PDF, 390kb) for full details of the sizes and prices available.

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Contact the Advertising Manager This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to place a new advert, or amend or cancel an existing advert, or discuss your options.

Adverts should be provided in image format (JPG/JPEG preferred) or as PDF and need to be of a suitable quality and size. We recommend supplying images at a minimum 300dpi at 100% scaling.

Adverts can be designed on your behalf for an hourly charge, please get in touch with the Advertising Manager for more details.




Advertising Terms & Conditions

  1. Every business must honour its obligations under Australian Consumer Law. Businesses must not make false, misleading or deceptive claims about a product or service.
  2. Advertising space preference will be given to local businesses (ie. the Winchelsea Ward) that advertise weekly in the Star
  3. Advertisement placement within the Star is at Editorial Committee discretion.
  4. Nominated positions may be available at Editorial Committee discretion on request but will attract additional charges.
  5. Defined premium advert locations (eg. Front Page footer) are available on a first-come first-served basis, subject to payment and advert approval, and for an agreed maximum number of editions if appropriate.
  6. Payment must accompany all advertisements. In the event of non-payment or funds failing to clear to The Winchelsea Star account, the related advert(s) will be cancelled. Any published adverts associated with a failed payment will require post-payment including any costs incurred due to payment failure eg. bounced cheque.
  7. No advertisements will be published for advertisers with accounts unpaid after 90 days. Any credit amounts held by the Star for an advertiser will be applied to any unpaid accounts for that advertiser.
  8. Refunds are not available where an advert has not been published eg. for space limits, technical production issues etc. In such cases, a paid advert which has not been published will be published as a matter of priority in the subsequent issue.
  9. Advertisements requiring proofs must be submitted no later than the Wednesday prior to the following week's edition. Final proof acceptance is required no later than the Friday prior to the following week's edition.

Advertising cats and dogs for sale. Victorian Domestic Animals Act 1994 states that all dogs and cats be microchipped before being given away or sold. Each animal advertised must contain a unique microchip number or the business registered number and council from where it is registered.

Motor advertisers. Private vendors of motor cars advertised for sale must include the price of the vehicle  and either a registration number of the vehicle (if registered) or the engine number (if unregistered).

Lost & Found advertisements are published free. Simply provide the details for publishing.


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Deadline for submissions is
5pm Fridays


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