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About The Star

The Winchelsea Star was founded in 1977 by a group of Winchelsea and district residents wishing to provide the community with news, information and communications of a local nature. The Star has always been a volunteer-driven publication, and is a registered non-profit Incorporated Association.

The Star is directed and controlled by a Committee of Management, made of nine members. Official positions are;

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Each year at the Annual General Meeting, the nine members of the Committee are elected - all nominations are accepted if there are nine or less nominations, for 10 or more an election determines the most popular nine. This Committee then internally chooses the office bearers.

In terms of actually producing each edition, the following jobs are allocated by the Committee to the person(s) deemed capable;

  • Editor
  • Sub-editor
  • Advertising manager
  • Production manager
  • Proof-reader
  • Printer
  • Distributor

Each of these jobs may be shared between more than one person - ideally, all jobs are shared in order to spread the workload and cater for holidays, sickness etc. All jobs are voluntary with the exception of Production manager which is sub-contracted at a fixed fee per edition.

The Star is compiled on a Sunday evening and Monday, sent for printing to the Star's own printer over Tuesday lunchtime, and distributed to outlets on Tuesday afternoon. The Star is therefore generally available for purchase late Tuesday afternoon onwards. See the Star Outlets page for details of locations where it may be bought.



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